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Harry Styles x Lucie Jones 

Anonymous: I just wanna tell you that you are a VERY good editor and like seriously, my friends thought that all of your edits are true!!! Are you still editing photos with a celebrity and a fan cause I want to request..

Thank you! Yes I am, I’ll probably be taking some requests later this week xx

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Anonymous: when will your requests be open, for manips

Probably later this week! xx

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Evan Peters x Deborah Ann Woll 

Anonymous: from where do you get your photos for manips?

Google and Galleries! xx

Dissolution (Fanfic Cover)

Anonymous: What psds do you use? Could you possibly link them too? Thank you :)!

I use a few different psds. A few I made and the other ones I downloaded so long ago that I haven’t been able to find them again :( I’ll reblog any new ones I find and they’ll be under /tagged/psd xx

Anonymous: this is not a request or anything but i just wanna say how amazing your photoshop skills are!! the colton and candice manip stole my heart i swear to god lol im just curious but how long did it take you to get that good at photoshopping?

First, thank you so much for this message! It’s nice to hear that people like what I make and that you think I have skills :D Probably a year or two, not long! xx

Anonymous: Hi, I am interested in a fanfic cover can you please help me? What can I do as in to talk to you and maybe request what I want with the main celebs? It would mean the world to me because I love your manips specially your covers; thank you!xx

All you have to do is message me off anon about it and we can work out the details :D it’s super easy to request. Just tell me which celebs, a little bit about it and if there’s anything specific you want on it xx

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Anonymous: *heavy breathing* Are requests open? (I just love your manips)

I’ll be taking a few requests tomorrow! (Thank you so much) xx

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