The Manip Company

Anonymous: Do u have a twitter

Yes I do and an Instagram xx

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Anonymous: So is ur askbox open or closed

Closed! xx

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I’m only 20 followers away from my next thousand 😱

Anonymous: I tried looking in your tutorial tag but it said it was empty??

That’s strange and upsetting. Must be a broken link, I’ll fix it pronto! xx

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Anonymous: Would you make manips for RP Characters?

Is that different from normal manips? 

Anonymous: how do you find hq photos of the celebrities you're manipping?

Google. All I do is type in the celebrities name and add “HQ”, it always brings up galleries :D xx

Anonymous: so what got you started in making manips?

I’ve always loved photoshop and this became a hobby to help get better at it. I also noticed in the beginning a lot of blogs turn away people if the requests weren’t the easiest so I try to take on more challenging requests when I get them. xx

Anonymous: how long does it take you to do a manip?

Depends. Usually an hour. xx

Anonymous: Are you ever gonna do another manip tutorial?

Yessss it just takes me a LONG time to make tutorials xx

If anyone needs some graphics for fanfics or covers or has questions about anything…Now is the time :D xx