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Anonymous: Are all the "Those Girls" fanfic covers for an actual fanfic? If so, where can I find it? They look so cool!

Yes they are! I don’t have all the links but I’m sure artisticteenager can help you out! xx

Breaking Point (Fanfic Cover)

Anonymous: Are fanfic cover apart of requests?

No, because I don’t get a lot of fanfic requests I do them between when I finish my list of requests and when I re-open the ask box. If that makes sense 😬 xx

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Anonymous: Can I request the cover now or when requests are open?

Now :D it just has to be off anon! xx

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Anonymous: Would you be willing to make a fanfic cover for me?

Of course! xx

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Anonymous: Hi, I just dropped by in here and you are really good at editing! My friends got crazy when you made a picture of Lily Collins and Ansel Elgort! You absolutely fooled my friends! And may I ask, are you still editing a picture with a fan and a celebrity cause I am desperate to have one with Zayn Malik!

Thank you so much! Yes, I am still making fan edits. I’ll be opening a new tumblr exclusively for accepting and posting those :D I’ll let you know when it’s up! xx

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Anonymous: Are you able to make manips on your phone, or is it strictly computer? And if you could make any on your phone, would there be a certain phone company you had to have? Samsung, Iphone, ect.?

I’m only able to make it on my computer. Sorry! xx

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Announcement: Sorry I haven’t been able to take any requests! I’ve been busy (along with my wifi being down completely D:). In addition to opening requests soon, I’m going to be making a side blog exclusively for personal requests (aka celebrity/fan manips). If you have any questions or ideas for how I can improve my blog, my ask box is open! Also, I got all of the fanfic requests I’ll be working on them this week :D xx

Anonymous: Dont worry about it :) im just glad u still find time run this blog bc ughh perfect 👌

Thank you!! Honestly I wish I had more time. I was just looking through some of the blogs that follow me a few moments ago and you guys are all so awesome! Really, I don’t know what made you follow me but thank you! I look forward to the requests once I open xx

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Anonymous: When do u think it will be open again?

This week or next. I’ve been really busy, sorry guys :( xx

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