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Anonymous: could you do a cover for fanfic for me when request open? I do not see anyone better than you to do this :(

Of course! Thank you that means a lot xx

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Anonymous: When will your requests be open again?

I’ll let you know as soon as I do! xx

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Anonymous: Luke hemmings and harry styles (cute)

(Very cute ­čśś)

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Anonymous: hii do you have to buy the photoshop you use??? if you do how much is it??

Yep, it’s CS6. I don’t know how much it is. I think photoshop makes you pay by month now which is around $40 (I believe) xx

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Anonymous: thank you so much for all of your helping:)♥

You’re so welcome! I’m happy to help xx

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Anonymous: do you know where to get luke hemmings best pict to edit? you seems find all pict and i can tell your manip is amazing

Look up 5sos HQ galleries. Your best bet might be looking on Google or instagram pictures just because five seconds of summer doesn’t have a lot of pictures from what I’ve seen :( xx

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Anonymous: Do you have a manip tutorial?

Yes I do, it’s under /tagged/tutorials xx

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Anonymous: how you setting the brightness thing to make the manip looks exactly real?

How do I set the brightness to make it look real? I use curves and levels instead of brightness and contrast most of the time xx

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Anonymous: but when i type those celebrity name+hq, it all just showing their photoshoot things, but you manip is like those celebrity attending an event, example: like your taylor and harry manip, that manip is like they having conversation, or like your jamie and candice manip, how do you type on google? my english getting worse hahaha

No it’s not, trust me! has both candids and photoshoots mixed together. So it takes patience to look through all of the pages but that’s where I got the taylor pictures and a lot of the other candids. Another way is to look for high quality fan sites. The people that organize those are amazing, usually they have a section set aside for just candids and then from there you can go by date. Occasionally I use google if I can’t find anything. All you have to do is type in the celebrities name and add the word candids. Trust me, finding pictures takes time! It’s one of the most (if not the most ) time consuming aspects of making manips xx

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Anonymous: Would you do a fanfic cover using a punk edit?

It depends, I’d have to see it first to say. xx

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